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A New System of Slavery

Note : The Export of Indian Labour Overseas 1830-1920

Auteur : Hugh Tinker

Éditeur : Hansib

ISBN : 9781870518185

Résumé : A New System of Slavery was the first comprehensive historical survey of a hitherto neglected and only partially known migration - the export of Indians to supply the labour needed in producing plantation crops such as sugar, coffee, tea and rubber, in Mauritius, South and East Africa, the Caribbean, Guyana, Sri Lanka, Malaya ans Fidji. This followed the legal ending of slavery but Professor Tinker shows how many features the two systems had in common. He portrays and discusses the slavery background, the recruiting and exporting from India, the sufferings of the indentured Indians during the long voyages, the five years indentured bondage and life on the plantations, the economic pressures and the slow awakening of nationalist leaders and governments to the evils of the system, and its eventual abandonment.

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